What we offer?

What is Hydroponics?

Greenhouses and Hydroponics constructions

Commercial Hydroponic Consulting

With Hydroponica‘s Commercial Hydroponic Consulting services, we will help you making your business plan and designing your green farm for your unique situation.

Commercial Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponica‘s Commercial Hydroponic System come with a standard or costumized-size greenhouse and everything you need to start growing on a large scale. We will even help you optimize your harvests to make a quick return on investment.

Standard System

We offer complete packages of systems and nutrients so you’ll get exactly what you need.

Customized System

Hydroponica System Experts design custom systems, solutions, and business plans.

Grower Needs

Get everything from fertilizers and pumps to growing media and seeds.

Grower Support

Do you have a challenge? Email or call us with ANY hydroponic questions.