Vine Crops Systems

Best for Tomato, Cucumber and Strawberry

Hydroponica’s designs and manufactures two types of vine crop systems. We offer Bato Bucket and gutter systems that recirculate nutrient solution for maximum efficiency.

Sowing Systems

Perfect for Animal feed, Herbs and Microgreens

Hydroponica has been optimizing herbs growing operations for years. We prefer recirculating systems that nurture a sustainable and efficient business model. Use them as a component of a larger operation, or independently to grow microgreens or fodder!

Nursery-Seedling Systems

Proper for all Kind of Seedlings

Starting seeds is an integral stage in every growing cycle. Our experts created complete systems with all plumbing, hardware, and growing supplies you’ll need to start healthy seedlings for any growing operation.

NFT & Pipes Systems

Suitable for Lettuce and Herbs

We manufacture Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) & PVC pipes Systems designed for space optimization, cleanliness, and uniform crop production. Thos techniques allows growers to built several grow levels!

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

for all agricultural farming

We design and implement a full irrigation system suitable for all farms categories as trees farming, open field culture and vegetables production.


Grower Needs

Growers needs

agricultural essentials

Find out whatever you need from seeds and nutrients to pesticides and equipments.

Greenhouses & Water Reservoirs

Greenhouses & Water Reservoirs

Depending on Filed Area and Location

Hydroponica present several greenhouses categories suitable for your climate, growing type and area. Water resource is our passion with Plastic lakes solutions.

Electrical & Controls

Electronics & Controls

environmental controls

All farmers need to insure controlling their farm. Here you find the best solution to avoid stress and headache.