Irrigation systems

The specialized department of Hydroponica, studies the best solution for your irrigation systems

Drip irrigation

Hydroponica,designs and installs drip irrigation systems, which can be customized to your specific needs.

Fertigation systems

We offer an automatic equipment for injecting fertilizers into the watering system that provides greater control over your operation.

Recirculating water systems

Loop irrigation-drainage systems through hydroponics optimize the use of water by recycle it so that could be reincorporated in irrigation system after treatment.

Automatic watering systems

For optimal irrigation management always convenient, as far as possible, you should have an automatic irrigation control systems.

Sprinkler irrigation

Best planning and designing sprinkler systems make the best homogeneous distribution of the water, taken into consideration: wind, type and height of the crop, crop requirements, the terrain, etc.

Micro sprinkler irrigation

The micro-sprinklers are intended to provide irrigation using very fine droplets in different types of crops and situations.

Fog irrigation

These systems typically work with relatively high pressures, about 2-4 bar. They are used in greenhouses to reduce the ambient temperature and to increase relative humidity.