Planing and designing

Field area and location?

Find your Suitable Land

Determination of hydroponic farm area and location based on needed produce and climate.

Farm plan drawing

Preview your Farm

Planning and designing the whole project by an expert team respecting all agricultural, health, legislation, and environmental criteria including the global norms.

Farm management

Growing supervision

Let us Manage your Farm

Seedling, harvesting, pest control, workers programs and quality control are the key of success


Periodical and Urgent

Our technical team maintain your greenhouse and hydroponic system from A to Z

Extra project's needs

Extra project’s needs

Fence, Solar Energy, Prefabric House and Chilled Post Harvest Room

Hydroponica has an excellent relations with outsourcing companies that can provide you perfect prices and quality in order to prepare your extra project’s needs



We Know Hydroponics

Want your products to command a higher price? Hydroponica has been designing and building innovative hydroponic systems. Our systems are productive and remarkably easy to use. But we can make growing your hydroponic business even easier.

Business plan

What to grow?

Depanding on needs and location

Following up “produce (vegetables)  market” establishing an excellent orientation and identifying hydroponic investment opportunities.

Cost and return on investment?

Feasibility study

Determination of hydroponic project’s investment cost by a masterful feasibility study.

Where and how to sell my products?

Produce sales and marketing

Our market networks help you finding best buyers as well as labeling and packaging suppliers.