Growers needs

Fertilizers & Additives

At Hydroponica, we test and mix several nutrients and additive formulations for all varieties of crops. All of our nutrients are sold in powder form, saving our growers lots of money and space. Not sure which nutrients or additives are right for your system? Call us!

Seeds & Plants

We provide vast species of well selected seeds from lettuces, herbs and vine crops to strawberry plants.

Growing media

Healthy plants start with healthy soils and a foundation of strong growing media. While that may seem obvious, there are always ways to improve plant quality from the bottom up.

Seedling tray & Foam cubes

We are engaged in offering the finest quality of seedling Trays/Cubes in order to insure an excellent germination rate!

Net cup

Every crop has a special root system. Find your Net cups according to your plants.

Handy testers

You always need to check parameters on spot. A handy tester can do it for you!